Our Core


Cathy Russell

Finance Director

CP Family Since: 1998
The Job: When I started, I had no idea that after 17 years and over 25,000 invoices, what an exciting future I had ahead of me! I’m so proud and honored to be part of the CP family.
Favorite: The food. I’m seriously spoiled!
Superpower: An eye for detail, excellent communications and a love for numbers.


Jill Quijada

Human Resources Manager

CP Family Since: 2003
The Job: I have the pleasure of working with all our staff and management on a daily basis. It says a lot about a Company when many of your staff have ten plus years with the Company. Coming to work for Command Performance was the best decision and I am proud to be part of the Team.
Favorite: Besides our jalapeño mac & cheese, is working with our staff sharing in their excitement and watching them grow and develop into Lead roles within the company.
Superpower: The face of CP


Katie Hernandez

Accountng Clerk

CP Family Since: 2005
The Job: I work in our office in the Accounting Department where I have become the Accounting Clerk in charge of accounts payable and payroll.
Favorite: Being able to work with people I love and having a job that is always changing and evolving which keeps me on my toes!
Superpower: Tenacity


Ann Rossi

CP Family Since: 1986
The Job: In 1986 our founder, Kirk Memoli, enlisted the help of friends with experience in restaurants and bars to help him start his new catering business. We were all friends and worked as a family. I have done many jobs in a group effort to give best service possible including set up, bussing, as well as bartending. Customer Service and anticipating a guests needs are important to me.
Favorite: Challenging myself to give the best and fastest service, and trying to anticipate what a 1000 people might drink with 30 or more choices.
Superpower:  I can remember a guest’s drink choice within the first hour of an event and I can have their drink made while they are approaching the bar. Our repeat clients are always impressed that I know their drink from one event to the next.


Rhonda Fauci

CP Family Since: 1999
The Job: I started working with flowers at age 16 and I still have the same passion for floral arranging as I did back then. The colors and smell of flowers is still exciting to me, I just can’t escape it!
Favorite: The people I work with! I love everyone at CP.
Superpower: I have and eye for style, and I’m not afraid of color.


Genaro Hernandez

Warehouse Manager

CP Family Since: 2006
The Job: I am constantly challenged to keep the behind-the-scenes running smoothly to ensure a positive kick start to every event.
Favorite: My position is always growing and evolving.
Superpower: Patience and organizational skills.