Our Catering Coordinators


Danny Margolis


CP Family Since: 1993
The Job: I have organized and produced thousands of events of all types for businesses, celebrities, groups and individuals who have become like family to me over the years.
Favorite: I have helped develop and continue to manage the amazing group of staff and planners that make up Command Performance; all who share the same level of care and concern for our clients that I have, and who each add their own individual and unique talents and personalities to our business.
Superpower: Building a team


Robert Yamada

Catering Coordinator

CP Family Since: 2003
The Job: I work with my clients up to 18 months in advance and build long-standing relationships with them.
Favorite: I enjoy seeing the pieces come together - from the design, décor and coordination to the enjoyment the guests take away at the end of an event.
Superpower: I get along with anyone.


Tina Wilkins

Catering Coordinator

CP Family Since: 2002
The Job: I love bringing a couple's vision to life by adding all the personal details that really make a wedding their own, and reflect the love they have for one another.
Favorite: Watching the ideas turn to details which evolve into a special event that becomes more spectacular than the bride and groom could have anticipated.
Superpower: Digging in to the details, and keeping Danny in focus!


Joe Thies

Catering Coordinator

CP Family Since: 2005
The Job: I spend some of my time preparing for weddings held at Walnut Grove, and also managing events at private homes and other event venues.
Favorite: I enjoy many aspects of the event-planning process, especially helping my clients reach detailed decisions about linens and décor.
Superpower: Enthusiasm


Melanie Lavallee

Catering Coordinator

CP Family Since: 1997
The Job: It didn’t take long before I realized that there was something very special about CP: it wasn’t just a job or a means to an end, but more like a home filled with people who feel more like family than coworkers. I strive for perfection in each event I put together; luckily Command Performance has provided me with all the necessary tools to reach that goal.
Favorite: The ever-changing catering industry. It keeps me on my toes and I’m always adapting to a variety of requests. Every season brings new ideas and new challenges.
Superpower: My endless supply of energy


Justin Holliday

Catering Coordinator

CP Family Since: 2007
The Job: I enjoy working in new and challenging places. I’m always looking to improve and grow. I use my knowledge about bold flavors to guide my clients, and pay attention to the details in customer service, dining service and great wines.
Favorite: Working every day with incredible people who take pride in their work and services.
Superpower: The amount of experience I’ve packed into my youthful career.


Molly Litberg

Catering Coordinator, Presidential Catering

CP Family Since: 2001
The Job: I handle all aspects of the logistics for corporate and non-profit events at the Reagan Library from beginning to end: menu planning, rentals, CAD diagrams, entertainment booking and coordinating with audio-visual teams.  It’s extremely rewarding to turn these details into a successful event for people whose trust and faith I’ve worked to earn!
Favorite: To be able to work from one venue, but get the pleasure and experience of working with a wide variety of clients. Some days it’s a Fortune 500 company or a politician, others it’s the committee of a local charitable organization. And every few years I get to cater to Presidential candidates... After 14 years I still get excited about what’s next!
Superpower: Making a personal connection with my clients


Jesus Serrano

Catering Coordinator, Presidential Catering

CP Family Since: 1997
The Job: I enjoy the coordination process from planning the menu to incorporating the last touches on the day of the event.
Favorite: For me, nothing compares to the exhilarating experience of watching an event come together and making it a success for my clients.
Superpower: Providing consistent quality for my repeat clients so they feel confident about what to expect at each event.


Manuel Escobedo

Catering Coordinator, Presidential Catering

CP Family Since: 2002
The Job: I have enjoyed the job diversity ranging from working with brides to achieve their wedding dreams, to serving Mrs. Reagan and her guests at the Reagan Library.
Favorite: I have always enjoyed the art of entertaining a group
Superpower: A fast-paced work ethic