Our Catering Coordinators


Danny Margolis


CP Family Since: 1993
The Job: I have organized and produced thousands of events of all types for businesses, celebrities, groups and individuals who have become like family to me over the years.
Favorite: I have helped develop and continue to manage the amazing group of staff and planners that make up Command Performance; all who share the same level of care and concern for our clients that I have, and who each add their own individual and unique talents and personalities to our business.
Superpower: Building a team


Robert Yamada

Catering Coordinator

CP Family Since: 2003
The Job: I work with my clients up to 18 months in advance and build long-standing relationships with them.
Favorite: I enjoy seeing the pieces come together - from the design, décor and coordination to the enjoyment the guests take away at the end of an event.
Superpower: I get along with anyone.


Tina Wilkins

Catering Coordinator

CP Family Since: 2002
The Job: I love bringing a couple's vision to life by adding all the personal details that really make a wedding their own, and reflect the love they have for one another.
Favorite: Watching the ideas turn to details which evolve into a special event that becomes more spectacular than the bride and groom could have anticipated.
Superpower: Digging in to the details, and keeping Danny in focus!


Joe Thies

Catering Coordinator

CP Family Since: 2005
The Job: I spend some of my time preparing for weddings held at Walnut Grove, and also managing events at private homes and other event venues.
Favorite: I enjoy many aspects of the event-planning process, especially helping my clients reach detailed decisions about linens and décor.
Superpower: Enthusiasm


Justin Holliday

Catering Coordinator

CP Family Since: 2007
The Job: I enjoy working in new and challenging places. I’m always looking to improve and grow. I use my knowledge about bold flavors to guide my clients, and pay attention to the details in customer service, dining service and great wines.
Favorite: Working every day with incredible people who take pride in their work and services.
Superpower: The amount of experience I’ve packed into my youthful career.


Molly Litberg

Catering Coordinator

CP Family Since: 2001

The Job: I handle event logistics from beginning to end: menu, table settings, rentals, entertainment and coordinating with other vendors. It's extremely rewarding to turn their details into a successful event for people who's trust I've worked to earn.

Favorite: The diversity…each event brings new challenges, new opportunities and a new reward.

Your Superpower: Making a personal connection with my clients.


Jesus Serrano

Catering Coordinator

CP Family Since: 1997
The Job: I began my career with Command Perfromance over 20 year ago, from serving to coordinating  small intimate events for the Former first Lady Nancy Reagan to coordinating large events with  over 1000 people events. I've mostly coordinated corporate events, but now I'm starting a new chapter as a wedding catering coordinator. I'm excited I get to be a part of  creating our clients big day.
Favorite: The challenge of working with incredible people everytime and providing consistent quality.
Superpower: Always Consistent.


Manuel Escobedo

Catering Coordinator

CP Family Since: 2002
The Job: I have enjoyed the job diversity ranging from working with brides to achieve their wedding dreams, to serving Mrs. Reagan and her guests at the Reagan Library.
Favorite: I have always enjoyed the art of entertaining a group
Superpower: A fast-paced work ethic


Breeanna Holliday

Catering Coordinator

CP Family Since: 2012

The Job: I focus on actively listening to my clients to understand their needs for their event and help guide them in making detailed selections throughout the planning process.

Favorite: Designing, organizing and executing a seamless delivery from start to finish, creating a visually stunning event.

Superpower: My eye for detail.


Dylan McConville

Catering Coordinator

CP Family Since: 2012

The Job: I enjoy working with my clients to fulfill their vision of their event and facilitating every aspect of it to make it a reality.

Favorite: Working with an amazing team towards one common goal.

Your Superpower: Exceeding Expectations.


Luis Pablo

Catering Coordinator

CP Family Since: 2011

The Job: I strive to make each and every event an unforgettable experience-from small gatherings to weddings and corporate events.  I work diligently to customize and personalize every detail of an event.

Favorite: Working with my team to put on an amazing event.

Superpower: My creativity and eye for event design aesthetics.