About Command Performance Catering

Our CP Family

We love the people we work with, and we value the contributions that everyone makes to the creativity and the execution of exquisite events. We love to have fun while we work, and we work hard together as a team. The collaboration between our staff members makes for what we like to call our CP Family. Once you’re in, you’re a lifelong member.

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Our Coordinators

We love producing events and also working with people that do!  We work very hard to customize menus and packages to the needs and desires of each and every client, while providing the attention to detail essential to assure success. We get involved with Chef Maya in the creation of new dishes, and we learn from one another's experience.

Meet Our Coordinators

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Our Kitchen

Chef Maya has a passion for food. She is always hunting for quality ingredients and food sources to maintain consistency and quality in our menus. Through creativity and hard work, Maya and her team of chefs and bakers stay on the cutting edge of trends, while continually creating new, fresh and exciting dishes and flavors to engage our guests and create memorable meals and culinary experiences.

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Our Core

The power behind the beautiful events and the tasty food comes from our core team of administrators, warehouse and floral shop. We wouldn't be able to run an efficient, fair business if it weren't for the geniuses who take care of all things finance, procedure, organization and execution. It is because we have them to support us that we can continue to do what we do best: make our clients happy.

Meet Our Core

The History of CP Catering

History of Command Performance CateringCommand Performance Catering began with humble roots. In 1986, our founder, Kirk Memoli, began cooking and setting up events singlehandedly, and brought on just a few employees in the beginning, some of whom still work with us. In 1993, Danny Margolis started working part time while attending school, but quickly realized that this is what he wanted to do full-time. He quickly moved into being more involved, ultimately buying the business in 2014. The success of Command Performance is due in large part to the partnerships that exist with some of the most beautiful, welcoming and accommodating wedding venues in the area. The first exclusive garden venue partnership was with Hartley Botanica followed by Maravilla Gardens and then Walnut Grove and Eden Gardens more recently. Indoor wedding venues in Ventura County seem to be a bit of an anomaly, but Command Performance found something magical in Serra Center at Padre Serra Church, O’Reilly Hall at St. Maximillian Kolbe Church and recently at the Westlake Yacht Club with a new, gorgeous deck expansion for a seamless indoor-outdoor event experience.